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Chief Xavier L. Robinson

O.E.R.W.E  will be asking employers to  work with us  to provide an opportunity to an aspect of society that might feel  that “all hope is gone”  when it comes to employment and acheiving a stable life.

This Blog section is designed to create dialogue.  Will  you please assist us by leaving a  comment regarding your job situation as a person with a probation or parole background, or as a business owner, or caregiver type government employee.  I encourage you to ask your probation officer or parole agent to log on and comment  as well.  Your feedback is the final stage needed to assist me in  securing the private funds for the program.

Having a dialogue will  be helpful in determining if our approach to job seeking  is a well rounded approach for our communities. Please be sure to include your contact information.

Sylvia Burrough


88878 Crenshaw Avenue
Los Angeles, California

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