Law Enforcement

This page will introduce you to Law Enforcement that we have a friendship with and  are aware  of and proud of the concept, or  some that we’ve  had a memorable moment with.  Our program will be structured to have law enforcement participate as our work site monitors.   We believe this concept is best because this give’s the employer added security, and gives law enforcement the opportunity to help compile the reports that are taken into the court room with our motto

Chief Xavier L. Robinson
Chief Xavier L. Robinson
Aaron Mc Cray






aarons love
Aaron Mc Cray and my sons and friends!! We are asking Law Enforcement to “Please listen to us”!!!!!!







Derrick Doeberry
Derrick Doeberry/Probation Department
Greater Harvest Church
D. Doeberry speaking on oerwe behalf at Greater Harvest Church in Long Beach





Sylvia Burrough posing with Police officers
New york
On the Coast with community leaders
New York Tour
Long Beach city hall
Long Beach city hall
Elroy Giliiam
Elroy Giliiam/Retired Sheriff
carson mayor
Jim Dear/ Carson Mayor

carson badge





Sgt Det. Willim Woodley Boston PD/USA Navy
Sgt Det. Willim Woodley
Boston PD/USA Navy
Sgt Det William J Woodley Boston PD
Sgt Det William J Woodley
Boston PD

Church of Latter Day Saints





LBPD Jensen
Sgt. Jensen/Long Beach PD


Edwin Benton/State Parole Officer
Sgt. Reginald Blaylock
Sgt. Reginald Blaylock/Inglewood PD
dodger stadiuium police
L A P D/ Dodger Stadium

me dodger field





la county probation meeting
Los Angeles County Probation Department Meeting








Hollywood Park Casino Security
Hollywood Park Casino Chief and Capton of Security







La France Davis  Probation
La France Davis/Probation Department
wiley and tillman
Neal Wiley – left side/Probation Department

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