The Program






  • 8 hours on the job training weekly
  • Hours to be split into 2  4hour shifts best suited for the work site
  • Weekly training report will be completed by site monitor
  • Weekly time sheets signed by participant and site supervisor
  • Weekly direct deposit paycheck
  • Weekly site visit reports will accompany you and our/your attorney in court proceedings

Classroom training and Assessments:

  • Educational assessments are to determine if participant is college level or adult school level
  • Career propensity testing
  • Cultural assessment /gang assessment/why we clash as gangs
  • Emotional assessment
  • Maintain 1 class per semester pertaining to your career path or educational enlightenment path
  • Grades and attendance reports will accompany you and our/your attorney in court proceedings


  • All assessments will be given to counselor prior to first visit to allow counselor time to prepare a treatment path
  • 1/2 hour weekly counseling sessions
  • Counselors reports will be given to our/your attorney to accompany you in court proceedings


  • 8 hours per week at the minimum rate of pay
  • Weekly pay by direct deposit
  • monthly bus pass or equal amount on pre-paid gas card




88878 Crenshaw Avenue
Los Angeles, California

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