About O.E.R.W.E

Austin Burrough

Austin Burrough/ Event Coordinator

As Job Developers one of our hardest task is assisting someone with a background problem, including sporadic employment.  I have learned through my many years of experience that all of these  type of individuals should not just be put aside, they are not all bad people.

We hope that your company will allow us to present our program to you which elaborates on the recidivism rate and some of the reasons  why it is so high. Our organization plans to help 300 individuals with a willingness to help themselves  change their lives in a permanent positive way.   Our controlled program will guide them through a process that will leave them with a strong work background, more educated and more in tune with their thoughts and emotions. We will also introduce major league sports, and other types of entertainment to them with the hope’s of assisting them in becoming  a  well balanced mainstream employable citizen again.

We are Very serious about human life and safety.  Our program applauds the efforts of the US Government and it’s  Workforce Center’s, we are here to be a helping hand with employment that is almost impossible for them to obtain.  Our program combines   PAID on the job training , with weekly counseling and education. All of our assessment’s are meant to identify the actual  “teachable” level  our participants are functioning on.  Our program has incorporated socialization techniques with the use of major entertainment tickets, with which we will transport our participant’s ourselves.

We have monitor’s that will be there every step of the way, we do site visits daily for  the employer’s  safety and we insist on no cash handling or shipping assignment’s. In addition our program teaches our participant’s how to handle their finances, in a way that the local economy will benefit from.


88878 Crenshaw Avenue
Los Angeles, California

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