Who We Know

Our families desire for “Opportunities to Enter or Re-Enter the Work Environment” is to put in place in our community  a paid on the job training program for people that have been deemed as “worth a second chance” at employment by the Probation Department, State Parole Department, and Children Services. We will attempt to secure the funding for our program with celebrities we personally know, have worked for, or shared a memorable moment with.  It takes $5,000 annually to teach, train and employ a person in our program..

Please enjoy the images at the end of the list…..

Music:    Richie Rich, George Clinton, Ethan Farmer, Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Tito Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Norman Hutchinson, Spinderella,  Pepa, Ted Terry, Lydia Harris, Mc Hammer, Battlecat.

Comedy:  Lester Bibbs, Courtney G, Renaldo Rey, David Brenner, Rickey Smiley, Michael Colyar,  Scruncho, Pierre, The Funny Lady, Tommy Ford,  Andy Dick,Tichina Arnold, Carl Anthony Payne III, Dick Gregory, Lunell.

Sports:  Jim Hill, Johnny Gray, Chuckie MIller, Marquez Pope, Reggie Johnson, Darnell Bing, Lindel White,  Antonio Pierce,Terry Kenney, Mike Tyson,  Henry Tillman, Gary Payton, Lionel Brown, Willie Gault, Magic Johnson, Norm NIxon, , Dominique Wilkes,  Lisa Leslie, Kobe Bryant, Elton Brand, Larry Dowdell Jr, Flex Wheeler, Tony Dorsett, Porter Wyatt, Morris Noble Jr.

Hollywood:  Denzel Washington,  Hawthorne James, Jerry Springer, T.K. Cater, Lawrence Fishburn,  Kevin Fraiser, Diane Cannon, Lorne Chris Green, Bryon Hurt, Kelly La Brock.

Loving memories of :  Joe Fraizer, Heavy D, Nate Dog

Thank you,,,, The Burrough Family

Ted Terry
Theodore Terry reading oerwe business plan. I wouldyhank him for inviting me to his event involving Dick Gregory. (the date on the picture is incorrect.


Chuckie Miller NFL
Lionel Brown/Pro Body Building
Ethan Farmer
Ethan Farmer/Music
Byron Hurt
Bryon Hurt/Producer
Canadain Football League
Morris Noble Jr/Canadain Football League
Any Dick
Andy Dick/Comedy
chaz wen hair
Chaz Dean/Wen Hair Products
George Clinton
George Clinton
Henry Tillman Gold Medal Boxing
Henry Tillman
Gold Medal
Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington
gladys Knight
Gladys Knight
M C Hammer
Mc Hammer
Warren G
Warren G
T. K.  Cater
T. K. Cater
Pepa & Spinderella
Snoop Dogg
Snoop and Wife

Lisa LeslieFlex one on oneKelly Ls Brock

Richie Rich
Richie Rich
Reggie Johnson
Reggie Johnson/Boxing
Flex Wheeler
Flex Wheeler
Dick Gregory
Dick Gregory

Def Comedy Jam

Johnny Gray/Track
Johnny Gray/Track
Hathorne James/Actor


Chaka Khans Band member 





Wayne Barnes Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson/Wayne Barnes
Jerry Springer Mike Tyson Fight
Jerry Springer at MIke Tyson Fight In Las


David Brenner
David Brenner at Mike Tyson Fight
M C Hammer
M C Hammer