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Clyde Sparrow, AustinBurrough Jr
Clyde Sparrow, AustinBurrough Jr

July 23, 2014

To whom it may concern:

My name is Clyde Sparrow, I am a Real Estate Broker in the city of Carson, Ca. I have been in business in the same location for 30 years.  I have carefully looked at Sylvia Burrough’s program she is trying to present to our communities.  I would like to state that after her presentation to me I clearly understood how this program would help me personally as an apartment builder owner.

I have tenants in my buillding that are often a nuisance to some of my other tenants.  I understand how because of Ms. Burrough’s presentation that these may be people who could benefit from her program because they have nowhere to go most of the week, and several of them do not have money for cable.  This from my understanding might be why they are outside an unruly so often.  Ms. Burrough’s program provides something positive for her participants to do 3-4 days a week, away from the building, and when at home I understand that homework will fill some of their time.  She has also incorporated trips that will also be a positive time filler.

I am very proud of the utility agreement: this can be of help in so many ways, by freeing some income for a kind person that has been helping supply a roof to someone who has been unemployed several years.  Which in my understanding could affect their ability to pay their rent or to pay it on time.  This utlity agreement could supply cable programing for children who do not have it beause of their income level; sharing some space wihsomeone on this program is beneficial.  I encourage this program and I strongly suggest that our utility companies look at what Opportunies to Enter or Re-Enter the Work Enviroment is offering and be a part of it.