California Institute of Health & Social Services,Inc

William T. Marshall, Ph.D.
William T. Marshall, Ph.D.

July 19, 2012

The City of Long Beach- Gang Unit





I have had the pleasure of knowing Ms. Sylvia Burrough for over thirteen (13) years and observing the inspiring work that she has done to provide education, jobs an emotional support to those in need.

Our Agency, the California Institute of Health & Social Services, Inc has foster care programs, mentoring , Adult family Home Services in Los Angeles, Lancaster and SanBernardino communiites for over 18 years.  We understand the vital need to respond forthwith in meeting the needs of the have not’s as Ms Burrough plans to address.

California Institute of Health & Social Services, Inc., is a non-profit 501 corporation founded in 1993 by a group of dedicated mental health and social services professionals to meet the needs of children and families impacted by neglect and abuse.  With this in mind, Children’s Way Foster and Adoption Program was licensed in 1996.  With the goal of reunification, we have placed over 2,900 children, provided treatment and support to prepare them to return to thier familes.

We Believe that all children , and youth have a basic human right to live in a loving , nuturing family environment.  For those young adults over 17 years of age, preparing to live independently, there is a great need for the development of skills that will enable them to work, and care for themselves and a family.

Our mission is to preserve the family structure and provide resources and support services to high risk, low resource individuals and families who may feel disenfranchised from the larger community.  Our Family Way Adult Home Program provides residential services to adults who are challenged with developmental, mental health, forensic and substanc abuse issues.   Many of these adults are not able to obtain gainful employment.  We also understand that all of our parents do not have substance abuse issues but do need regular counseling.

CIHSS, Inc. has served as a member network agency for collaborative and programs that support the family unit.  We are pleased that Ms. Burrough tends to incorporate her expertise and experience to create a strong service that will positivey impact the lives of families in the Long Beach communities.