Syliva Burrough & Mayor Antonio Villiragosia


Sylvia Burrough Director & Founder
Founder of OERWE

I propose a 3 million dollar program to assist the Los Angeles County Probation Department with paid on the job training at the minimum wage rate of pay for the individuals on their case loads that they deem “worth a second chance”, I will not be asking for any government funding for my program.

My feasibility study went extremely well and I am very proud of that, I financed the study myself. I propose to ask my friends in the Sports, and Entertainment Industry to assist me in paying for this program. Being placed with O.E.R.W.E will consist of 8 hours a week of on the job training, It also includes a requirement to take one college or adult school course each semester, my focus is retention of the information. I have also included in our program a unique counseling program that is also a weekly requirement. I have created a method of using free non-profit donation tickets to insure that the participants in my program actually use them which in turn means that the players that are donating to our program are uniquely bringing in revenue to his or her organization they represent, and our participants are learning socialization. At the same time I plan to show how important our utility companies and name brand stores are with a strict spending program that will be taught through our program. I plan to use Probation officers, Retired Officer, and Military soldiers as my Work site Monitors, which means they will be compiling the very reports that will accompany attorneys into our courtrooms.

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