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Creating A Second Chance

A message from the Director

Concept Designer

My name is Sylvia Burrough I am a trained Job Developer, as a job developer one of our hardest tasks is trying to assist someone with background problems, people with probation or parole issues and someone with a sporadic employment record. I have learned through my 25 year career with government programs that all of these individuals are not bad people, I have some training in psychology, and through encountering these individuals at work and in the community I personally know that there is a desire and a willingness to obey the law and work in a lot of these individuals. The problem is getting the government and employers to understand that at one point these were not evil people and the longer we keep them out of the job market they slowly become our worst nightmare out of the need to fulfill their basic needs. A young man that is not assisted with job placement after the first conviction is forced to continue to age with no way to provide for his daily food, clothing and shelter, he therefore sometimes unfortunately has to commit another crime out of necessity, maybe hard to understand, but true. This is how some probation cases sometimes climb to parole cases.

Job Developer

A Job Developer with 20 years’ experience; I was employed by the Community Development Commission as a Program Specialist and a Section 8 Inspector for the County of Los Angeles for 4 years. As a Job Developer and Case Manager I also did Work site Monitoring for several government funded Adult and Summer Youth programs including Long Beach. I managed and recruited for “The Center for Advanced Security Training” which accepted government funding and I have news article for special work I did with Hollywood Park Casino‘s Security Department and CFAST and 30 Nickerson Gardens students. I owned and operated Monroe’s Pit Bar-B-Q in the city of Long Beach and maintained 5 employees for 3 years. When it comes to financial assistance for people with background problems the United States government does an excellent job with General Relief Benefits, but they run out usually before the individual finds employment. There are government funded programs with re-entry concepts; however none of them have a high placement rate.