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Proposal and example check with utility deductions was on display
Proposal and example check with utility deductions was on display

July 11, Team Meeting!!!!

Sylvia Burrough  welcome!!!!!!
Sylvia Burrough welcome!!!!!!
View of example check and deduction section
View of example check and deduction section
Hat and T shirt and payment system were on display!!
Hat and T shirt and payment system were on display!!

Who We Know

Our families desire for “Opportunities to Enter or Re-Enter the Work Environment” is to put in place in our community  a paid on the job training program for people that have been deemed as “worth a second chance” at employment by the Probation Department, State Parole Department, and Children Services. We will attempt to secure the funding for our program with celebrities we personally know, have worked for, or shared a memorable moment with.  It takes $5,000 annually to teach, train and employ a person in our program..

Please enjoy the images at the end of the list…..

Music:    Richie Rich, George Clinton, Ethan Farmer, Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Tito Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Norman Hutchinson, Spinderella,  Pepa, Ted Terry, Lydia Harris, Mc Hammer, Battlecat.

Comedy:  Lester Bibbs, Courtney G, Renaldo Rey, David Brenner, Rickey Smiley, Michael Colyar,  Scruncho, Pierre, The Funny Lady, Tommy Ford,  Andy Dick,Tichina Arnold, Carl Anthony Payne III, Dick Gregory, Lunell.

Sports:  Jim Hill, Johnny Gray, Chuckie MIller, Marquez Pope, Reggie Johnson, Darnell Bing, Lindel White,  Antonio Pierce,Terry Kenney, Mike Tyson,  Henry Tillman, Gary Payton, Lionel Brown, Willie Gault, Magic Johnson, Norm NIxon, , Dominique Wilkes,  Lisa Leslie, Kobe Bryant, Elton Brand, Larry Dowdell Jr, Flex Wheeler, Tony Dorsett, Porter Wyatt, Morris Noble Jr.

Hollywood:  Denzel Washington,  Hawthorne James, Jerry Springer, T.K. Cater, Lawrence Fishburn,  Kevin Fraiser, Diane Cannon, Lorne Chris Green, Bryon Hurt, Kelly La Brock.

Loving memories of :  Joe Fraizer, Heavy D, Nate Dog

Thank you,,,, The Burrough Family

Ted Terry
Theodore Terry reading oerwe business plan. I wouldyhank him for inviting me to his event involving Dick Gregory. (the date on the picture is incorrect.


Chuckie Miller NFL
Lionel Brown/Pro Body Building
Ethan Farmer
Ethan Farmer/Music
Byron Hurt
Bryon Hurt/Producer
Canadain Football League
Morris Noble Jr/Canadain Football League
Any Dick
Andy Dick/Comedy
chaz wen hair
Chaz Dean/Wen Hair Products
George Clinton
George Clinton
Henry Tillman Gold Medal Boxing
Henry Tillman
Gold Medal
Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington
gladys Knight
Gladys Knight
M C Hammer
Mc Hammer
Warren G
Warren G
T. K.  Cater
T. K. Cater
Pepa & Spinderella
Snoop Dogg
Snoop and Wife

Lisa LeslieFlex one on oneKelly Ls Brock

Richie Rich
Richie Rich
Reggie Johnson
Reggie Johnson/Boxing
Flex Wheeler
Flex Wheeler
Dick Gregory
Dick Gregory

Def Comedy Jam

Johnny Gray/Track
Johnny Gray/Track
Hathorne James/Actor


Chaka Khans Band member 





Wayne Barnes Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson/Wayne Barnes
Jerry Springer Mike Tyson Fight
Jerry Springer at MIke Tyson Fight In Las


David Brenner
David Brenner at Mike Tyson Fight
M C Hammer
M C Hammer


Los Eduardos Restaurant

July 13, 2012


To Whom it May Concern:

My name is William Gonzales, I am the owner of Los Eduardos Resturant at 5428 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach, Ca.   Sylvia Burrough presented her idea  for her non-profit organization “Opportunties to Enter or Re-Enter the Work Environment” 2 years ago for my opinon on behalf of Hispanic people. I believed from my first meeting with her that this program had worth to it.

I feel that in addition to the Paid Training which is difficult to get, the Counseling and Education that is involved is something to be proud of.  As a business owner I am pleased that this program may add a little more safety for my employee’s , patrons and also may generate more revenue for me.

Thank you.

1st Choice Real Estate & Investments

Clyde Sparrow, AustinBurrough Jr
Clyde Sparrow, AustinBurrough Jr

July 23, 2014

To whom it may concern:

My name is Clyde Sparrow, I am a Real Estate Broker in the city of Carson, Ca. I have been in business in the same location for 30 years.  I have carefully looked at Sylvia Burrough’s program she is trying to present to our communities.  I would like to state that after her presentation to me I clearly understood how this program would help me personally as an apartment builder owner.

I have tenants in my buillding that are often a nuisance to some of my other tenants.  I understand how because of Ms. Burrough’s presentation that these may be people who could benefit from her program because they have nowhere to go most of the week, and several of them do not have money for cable.  This from my understanding might be why they are outside an unruly so often.  Ms. Burrough’s program provides something positive for her participants to do 3-4 days a week, away from the building, and when at home I understand that homework will fill some of their time.  She has also incorporated trips that will also be a positive time filler.

I am very proud of the utility agreement: this can be of help in so many ways, by freeing some income for a kind person that has been helping supply a roof to someone who has been unemployed several years.  Which in my understanding could affect their ability to pay their rent or to pay it on time.  This utlity agreement could supply cable programing for children who do not have it beause of their income level; sharing some space wihsomeone on this program is beneficial.  I encourage this program and I strongly suggest that our utility companies look at what Opportunies to Enter or Re-Enter the Work Enviroment is offering and be a part of it.

California Institute of Health & Social Services,Inc

William T. Marshall, Ph.D.
William T. Marshall, Ph.D.

July 19, 2012

The City of Long Beach- Gang Unit





I have had the pleasure of knowing Ms. Sylvia Burrough for over thirteen (13) years and observing the inspiring work that she has done to provide education, jobs an emotional support to those in need.

Our Agency, the California Institute of Health & Social Services, Inc has foster care programs, mentoring , Adult family Home Services in Los Angeles, Lancaster and SanBernardino communiites for over 18 years.  We understand the vital need to respond forthwith in meeting the needs of the have not’s as Ms Burrough plans to address.

California Institute of Health & Social Services, Inc., is a non-profit 501 corporation founded in 1993 by a group of dedicated mental health and social services professionals to meet the needs of children and families impacted by neglect and abuse.  With this in mind, Children’s Way Foster and Adoption Program was licensed in 1996.  With the goal of reunification, we have placed over 2,900 children, provided treatment and support to prepare them to return to thier familes.

We Believe that all children , and youth have a basic human right to live in a loving , nuturing family environment.  For those young adults over 17 years of age, preparing to live independently, there is a great need for the development of skills that will enable them to work, and care for themselves and a family.

Our mission is to preserve the family structure and provide resources and support services to high risk, low resource individuals and families who may feel disenfranchised from the larger community.  Our Family Way Adult Home Program provides residential services to adults who are challenged with developmental, mental health, forensic and substanc abuse issues.   Many of these adults are not able to obtain gainful employment.  We also understand that all of our parents do not have substance abuse issues but do need regular counseling.

CIHSS, Inc. has served as a member network agency for collaborative and programs that support the family unit.  We are pleased that Ms. Burrough tends to incorporate her expertise and experience to create a strong service that will positivey impact the lives of families in the Long Beach communities.

Long Beach City College/Long Beach Community College District

Greg Peterson, Ed.D. Vice President, Student Support Services
Greg Peterson, Ed.D.
Vice President, Student Support Services

July 18, 2012





To Whom it May Concern:

I have reviewed the information provided on the Opportunities to Enter or Re-Enter the Work Environment  program and I am impressed with the comprehensive nature of the Material.  With the serious budget reductions that higher education in California has experienced over the last few years we recognize that we no longer have the resources to provide the structured support needed by many re-entry students.  The success of these students will depend upon the efforts of community organizations such as Opportunities to Enter or Re-Enter the Work Environment.

A strength of this program is its commitment to coordinate efforts with the Long Beach  Adult School and Long Beach City College in order to prepare students to be successful in a college environment.  By working closely with the Adult School students in the program will be academically strengthened before enrolling in college courses, thereby increasing their ability to succeed. With this level of preparation, these students will be able to pursue at LBCC one of the many workforce degree/certificate programs or transfer to a four-year institution.

I applaud the efforts of Ms. Burrough in facilitation this program and encourage you to support this program where possible.

An Article

Hattie Herring, Danyelle Burrough. Jahmal Hall
Hattie Herring, Danyelle Burrough. Jahmal Hall

Jul 26, 2014 · There is nothing more beautiful than black flesh–save black minds–browned in the suns of resistance, freedom and radical loves. Our essence is deeper …

Former Governor Arnold Schwarzeegger

Governor Arnold SchwarzneggerCalifornia’s prison problems are tied directly to recidivism and overcrowding. When parolees commit crimes, they not only burden the state’s overtaxed prison system-they create new victims and compromise public safety.  Califormia’s recidivism rate is, at 70 percent, the nations highest.  The Governer knows that we cannot fix our prisons without reducing recidivism, and we cannot reduce recidivism without creating more space and programs for prisoners.  Two of his proposals address these problems, with the goal of increasing public safety. Continue reading Former Governor Arnold Schwarzeegger


Sylvia Burrough Director & Founder
Founder of OERWE

I propose a 3 million dollar program to assist the Los Angeles County Probation Department with paid on the job training at the minimum wage rate of pay for the individuals on their case loads that they deem “worth a second chance”, I will not be asking for any government funding for my program.

My feasibility study went extremely well and I am very proud of that, I financed the study myself. I propose to ask my friends in the Sports, and Entertainment Industry to assist me in paying for this program. Being placed with O.E.R.W.E will consist of 8 hours a week of on the job training, It also includes a requirement to take one college or adult school course each semester, my focus is retention of the information. I have also included in our program a unique counseling program that is also a weekly requirement. I have created a method of using free non-profit donation tickets to insure that the participants in my program actually use them which in turn means that the players that are donating to our program are uniquely bringing in revenue to his or her organization they represent, and our participants are learning socialization. At the same time I plan to show how important our utility companies and name brand stores are with a strict spending program that will be taught through our program. I plan to use Probation officers, Retired Officer, and Military soldiers as my Work site Monitors, which means they will be compiling the very reports that will accompany attorneys into our courtrooms.